Re: Garfield: "Acknowledged Self-Archiving is Not Prior Publication"

From: Albert Henderson <chessNIC_at_COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 23:06:04 -0400

on 9/12/2002 David Goodman wrote:
> One thing I certainly agree wutg Albert about, is that the critical role
> of a publisher is to appoint an editor. Everything else about the
> publication's quality depends on the manuscripts the editor can
> acquire and the standards the editor sets.
> So why do publishers make large profits, while editors merely receive
> office expense reimbursement?

        Editors who compete for editorial positions
        are paid primarily by their institutions which,
        it seems, value having editors use their

        As for profits, we are a capitalist society,
        are we not? Profits are good. Even Princeton
        turned profits of $500 million or 45 per cent
        of revenues in fy1999; $1452 million or 70 per
        cent in FY2000.* These figures are far, far
        beyond post-tax profits of any publisher!
        Best wishes,

*figures from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Albert Henderson
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