Perspectives in Electronic Publishing

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 01:27:26 +0100

I have to confess that I only ran across Steve Hitchcock's
low-profile but high-IQ review

    "Perspectives in Electronic Publishing"

yesterday, although a retrospective search has since revealed that
Peter Suber had announced it in FOS and AmSci at least as long ago as
October 2001!

Steve and I don't always share the same view, but I greatly admire his
fertile and indefatigable intellect, and he is probably more broadly read
and abreast of developments than any of us in this rapidly evolving area.
He has also earned his doctorate recently and will no doubt continue making
bigger and bigger contributions to this field that he has helped create.

For highly compressed, witty and insightful critiques of the fast-growing
literature, I can't think of a richer source than Steve Hitchcock's
reviews in PeP (and he and his colleagues have set it up so you can add
your own reviews too!).

Stevan Harnad
Received on Sat Sep 14 2002 - 01:27:26 BST

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