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From: Peter Suber <peters_at_EARLHAM.EDU>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:53:27 +0100

At 06:17 PM 9/20/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I am due to give a presentation on the institutional use of OAI and
>e-print archives in UK HEIs at the OAI conference in Geneva in
>mid-October. I am of course aware of the FAIR projects which are just
>getting up running, but it would be useful for me if you could let me know
>about any UK activity you know of outside of FAIR.
>For those in FAIR, it would be good if you could point me at a project web
>page or give a brief project outline. This will help me to make sure I
>represent your work correctly.
>I would appreciate responses by 1 October.
>For information, the SHERPA project web site is at
>. SHERPA is part of FAIR.
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      Last month I collected the major events in OAI and eprint archiving
activity from the previous six months. See my list in the FOS Newsletter
for August 8, 2002, <> (scroll to the
second story). I haven't separated the UK events from the rest, but that
should not be too hard to do.

      Good luck,

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