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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 04:47:33 +0100

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>Greetings Professor Suber
>one thing that has just occurred to me: is there a list, that you know of,
>of institutional or subject-based eprint archives? Such a document, if it
>existed, would of course need continually to be updated. But it seems to
>me it would be a useful resource, both for researchers and for those
>contemplating founding an archive.
>This seems such an obvious thing, I can't believe someone hasn't thought
>of it. Some of the articles I have found list examples of eprint archives,
>but none that I have encountered is comprehensive. I have had a brief look
>on your Sources page and
>elsewhere, but without success. If you know of something like what I am
>looking for, I would love to know as I will link it from eprintblog. If
>not, I would be interested in compiling one.
>Guy Aron
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>Library Resources & Access Unit
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      I hope you don't mind if I answer your question to the FOS
Forum. Others surely have the same question.
      The best list I know is the list of registered archives maintained by
the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). The only reason the list is not
complete is that some people build OAI-compliant archives and then, for
some reason, neglect to register them. One way to get a glimpse of
existing but unregistered archives is to consult the list of sites using
eprints software. The new FIGARO site maintains two lists, one for
institutional archives and one for disciplinary archives; it's not more
complete than the others today, but it might become more complete over time.

OAI list of registered archives

OAI list of registered service providers (not archives but necessary
complements to archives)

GNU Eprints list of sites

The two lists at FIGARO (both institutional and disciplinary)

If anyone knows of better lists, please post them to this forum or let me
know about them.

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