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From: Eberhard R. Hilf <hilf_at_PHYSNET.PHYSIK.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:03:31 +0200

dear Peter,
the OAi dataproviders link is of course

What should be set up is a list of research specific field services
which lead to open access documents of distributed sources which do
not (yet) have OAi copliance, such as
PhysNet, MareNet, Math-Net, etc.
see (did not work this morning)
(with MPRESS, and acta mathematica,..)

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On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Peter Suber wrote:

> At 09:48 AM 9/24/2002 +1000, you wrote:
> >Greetings Professor Suber
> >
> >one thing that has just occurred to me: is there a list, that you know of,
> >of institutional or subject-based eprint archives? Such a document, if it
> >existed, would of course need continually to be updated. But it seems to
> >me it would be a useful resource, both for researchers and for those
> >contemplating founding an archive.
> >
> >This seems such an obvious thing, I can't believe someone hasn't thought
> >of it. Some of the articles I have found list examples of eprint archives,
> >but none that I have encountered is comprehensive. I have had a brief look
> >on your Sources page and
> >elsewhere, but without success. If you know of something like what I am
> >looking for, I would love to know as I will link it from eprintblog. If
> >not, I would be interested in compiling one.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Guy
> >
> >Guy Aron
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> >Library Resources & Access Unit
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> Guy,
> I hope you don't mind if I answer your question to the FOS
> Forum. Others surely have the same question.
> The best list I know is the list of registered archives maintained by
> the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). The only reason the list is not
> complete is that some people build OAI-compliant archives and then, for
> some reason, neglect to register them. One way to get a glimpse of
> existing but unregistered archives is to consult the list of sites using
> eprints software. The new FIGARO site maintains two lists, one for
> institutional archives and one for disciplinary archives; it's not more
> complete than the others today, but it might become more complete over time.
> OAI list of registered archives
> OAI list of registered service providers (not archives but necessary
> complements to archives)
> GNU Eprints list of sites
> The two lists at FIGARO (both institutional and disciplinary)
> If anyone knows of better lists, please post them to this forum or let me
> know about them.
> Peter
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