OAIster: Phase 2 Improvements

From: Kat Hagedorn <khage_at_umich.edu>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 20:09:35 +0000

Happy Halloween!

UM DLPS is pleased to announce phase 2 of the OAIster project. This
phase includes significant improvements and bug fixes, including:

        * Searching using Boolean operators.
        * Viewing all your results, no matter the number.
        * Revising the search you just made.
        * Search terms highlighted in the results.
        * Addition of relevancy sorting options.

Search OAIster now at http://oaister.umdl.umich.edu/.

OAIster is a service provider using the OAI protocol to harvest
repositories of digital object records and make them available to
end-users. Currently, we are serving close to a million records from
over 100 repositories. The number of records we have been harvesting
has more than tripled since our launch at the end of June, and we
expect it to continue to increase as the usage of OAI becomes more and
more popular.

Please pass this information along to anyone you think would be
interested. We welcome any comments and concerns you have about OAIster
-- your help makes this service better.


Kat Hagedorn
OAIster/Metadata Harvesting Librarian
Digital Library Production Service
University of Michigan

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