UC Announces Electronic Publications Program for International and Area Studies

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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 09:13:58 -0800

University of California Announces Electronic Publications Program for
International and Area Studies

Using technology to make peer-reviewed research in international
studies available more widely through more cost-effective means, the
University of California is launching the University of California
International and Area Studies Digital Collection
(http://repositories.cdlib.org/uciaspubs/ ).

UC International and Area Studies (UCIAS), which is the result of
collaboration between University of California Press, the eScholarship
program at the California Digital Library (CDL) and internationally
oriented research units on eight University of California campuses,
makes this scholarship freely available on the Internet.

UCIAS (http://repositories.cdlib.org/uciaspubs/about.html) publishes
peer-reviewed articles, books and edited collections of papers. The
materials are generated by research projects, workshops, seminars, and
conferences at internationally oriented institutes, centers, and
programs sponsored by the University of California. Upon its opening,
the UCIAS Digital Collection features Dynamics of Regulatory Change:
How Globalization Affects National Regulatory Policies, edited by David
Vogel and Robert Kagan.

All publications are peer reviewed according to standards set by an
interdisciplinary UCIAS editorial board. The digital versions will be
available free of charge and cared for over the long term by the CDL.
UC Press will also publish and sell hard-copy versions of selected
UCIAS volumes.

The digital publications program in effect replaces and consolidates
the expensive and labor-intensive print publishing operations that were
separately managed by most internationally oriented research units at
UC. It allows research units to concentrate on issues of quality while
the shared technical foundation decreases first-copy costs and enables
open access to the material from around the world.

David Leonard, dean of international and area studies at UC Berkeley
comments, "The UCIAS Digital Collection represents an important
development in scholarly publishing. By enabling the rapid publication
and dissemination of individual peer-reviewed articles -- accessible to
any scholar in the world with a web connection -- UCIAS has
dramatically increased the access of scholars around the world to the
international research being done at UC.

"It also links the publication of working papers from UC research
units, peer review of articles at the standard of the best professional
journals and the development of edited collections whose contents have
been individually peer-reviewed -- thereby setting high standards for
all three types of publications. This development will be welcomed by
scholars, students and promotion committees."

The peer-reviewed articles, books, and edited collections draw from
working papers in the eScholarship Repository
(http://repositories.cdlib.org/escholarship/), a new service providing
access to pre-publication scholarship. The repository is hosted by the
California Digital Library and uses the same underlying technology as
the UCIAS Digital Collection. If a working paper submitted to UCIAS
for peer review successfully passes, it is published in the UCIAS
Digital Collection. The original working paper remains in the
eScholarship Repository, along with a link to the peer-reviewed version
in the Digital Collection.

The eScholarship Repository and UCIAS Digital Collection are projects
of the California Digital Library's eScholarship program
(http://www.escholarship.cdlib.org/), which was launched to facilitate
scholar-led innovations and supports experiments in the production and
dissemination of scholarly communications.

The California Digital Library (http://www.cdlib.org/), which partners
with the 10 UC campuses in a continuing commitment to apply innovative
technology to managing scholarly information, opened to the public in
January 1999. Organizationally housed at the UC Office of the President
in Oakland, CA, the CDL provides a centralized framework to efficiently
share materials held by UC, to provide greater and easier access to
digital content, and to join with researchers in developing new tools
and innovations for scholarly communication.

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Editors: For additional information about the CDL please contact John
Ober, CDL director for education & strategic innovation, (510)
987-0425; or John.Ober_at_ucop.edu. Additional information about the
California Digital Library may be found at the CDL web site,
http://www.cdlib.org .


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