Re: removal of articles from electronic journals

From: Lee Miller <lnm2_at_CORNELL.EDU>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 23:51:53 -0500

Once an article is published, it becomes part of the record of human
discourse, and it should remain unchanged. The only acceptable way to
"remove" an article from a journal, whether printed or electronic, is to
publish a notice of retraction that includes a statement of the editor's
reason for retracting the article. Actual removal of an article from an
electronic journal can only lead to chaos and confusion.

Lee N. Miller
Editor Emeritus
Ecology and Ecological Monographs (published on paper and on the Internet)
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Conservation Ecology (published solely on the Internet)

At 04:11 PM 12/1/2002 Sunday -0500, you wrote:
>Hi All:
>I know this is a concern for librarians. But I'm wondering if scholars and
>professors also are concerned about the removal of articles from electronic
>journals because of plagiarism, fraud, political controversy, or a related
>If you have any thoughts about this please contact me.
>Andrea Foster
>Assistant Editor
>Chronicle of Higher Education
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