Re: Nature's vs. Science's Embargo Policy

From: Michael Eisen <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 03:31:08 +0000

Unfortunately, I think your optimism about this policy is premature.

I attach the text of the announcement in the Jan 2 issue where they
explicitly preclude archives, and also point to the following from their

    "How can I show my article to my colleagues? By sending a link to
    the paper on your website. You may not distribute the PDF by email,
    on listservs or on open archives. Please remember that although the
    content of the article is your copyright, its presentation (i.e. its
    typographical layout as a printed page) remains our copyright."

If somehow authors construe this as a license to self-archive, that's great.
But lets not give Nature credit for something they have not done.
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