Open Archives and UK Institutions: An Overview

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D-Lib Magazine March 2003 Volume 9 Number 3

Open Archives and UK Institutions: An Overview
by: Stephen Pinfield (Nottingham University)


    "This is a pivotal stage in the development of institutional open
    archives. We are moving from a position where awareness of the issues
    surrounding self-archiving was restricted to a relatively small number
    of enthusiasts to a position where it is entering the consciousness of
    a large number of practice-based information professionals and some
    faculty. The next two-to-three years may be crucial in determining
    long-term take-up. This paper provides a brief overview of current
    activity in the development of open archives (particularly e-print
    repositories) within UK universities and similar institutions and
    discusses some of the issues the open archives activity is raising...

    Lesson 4: The biggest challenge is getting content.
    "Setting up an institutional repository and designing collection
    management policies are relatively straightforward; populating the
    repository is not. The content of institutional repositories needs to
    come largely from researchers within the institution, and persuading
    them to submit this content is a major challenge. Self-archiving
    requires a cultural change amongst researchers that can only be
    achieved through significant advocacy activity...

    "An increasing number of information professionals and researchers
    are beginning to recognize that the various OAI programmes and
    activities have the potential to make a real difference to the
    scholarly communication process and therefore bring enormous benefits
    to the scholarly community."
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