Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives

From: Thomas Krichel <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:11:01 +0000

Stevan Harnad writes

> > Success here depends on selling the idea to academics, and that
> > depends crucially on what business models are followed.
> I have no idea what "business models" have to do with demonstrating to
> academics that increasing research access increases research impact.

  For self-archiving, abstract understanding is not sufficiont.
  You need action by academics. If you want to have an intermediated
  process (by means of an achive) then it will crucially depond
  on the behaviour of the intermediary, in this case of the archive
  managemnt. This is what I mean here by the business model
  of the archive.

  You have changed your mind twice on what the optimal business
  model is. You will change it again... Until then, I shall
  keep a bit more quiet. When I return to NYC, I will have
  web access again, and find other things to do.

  Just for correction

> online papers that already exist on arbitrary websites webwide. This
> is the invaluable service Thomas's RePEc (Research Papers in
> Economics) is performing for over 86,000 non-OAI papers

  RePEc does not index arbinary website, but archive sites.
  They have the same functioality as OAI archives, in fact
  OAI was modeled after RePEc. The whole OAI concept was
  first implemented there.

  With greetings from Minsk, Belarus,

  Thomas Krichel
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