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From: Philip Hunter <>
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>ph> unless organisational issues (such as, for example, the absence
>ph> of an intelligible publishing process for the multiple submission
>ph> of eprints to archives) are more important in the field than is
>ph> being recognised in this discussion.
>sh> I couldn't follow this!
>sh> What is "an intelligible publishing process"?
>sh> Eprints = pre-refereeing preprints + published, refereed postprints.
>sh> Self-archiving is not self-publishing; it is merely a means of providing
>sh> open access to one's own preprints and postprints.

By 'publishing process' I meant the coordination of multiple versions and
revisions of the same paper, within the same or different OAI archives. I
think this is what Chris Gutteridge was aiming at by suggesting 'some
negotiated automated process for insitutional archives uploading to the
subject archive, or at least assisting the author in the process'. It is a
publishing process to the user, in that multiple copies are deposited in the
archives, and that version control is a feature of the process. This process
has to be intelligible to the user, or there won't be siginificant take-up.
This is the territory for the development of third party services by service
providers, rather than part of the base-level eprints/self-archiving idea.
The absence of such services (I was suggesting) might have a bearing on the
currently low-level of deposits in archives.

I prefer to speak of submission to archives, since not all eprint archives
expose all the materials which have been deposited. The act of depositing an
eprint does not automatically imply (in practice) open access. It is
important to be clear about what is actually happening in the world of
eprint archives.


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> And what is "multiple submission of eprints to archives"?
> Eprints are not submitted to archives. (They are merely deposited in
> archives.) Preprints are submitted to *journals* (for peer review),
> and if/when accepted, the refereed postprints are published by those
> journals. Preprints and postprints are deposited (self-archived) in
> Eprint Archives.
> The rate of archive-creation and filling is increasing, but it needs to
> be accelerated substantially, and as soon as possible. Systematic
> institutional self-archiving policies will help accomplish this once
> institutions realize the direct causal connection between maximizing
> research access and maximizing research impact.
> Stevan Harnad
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