Re: Oxford-University-Press/Oxford-University-Eprint-Archive Partnership

From: Fytton Rowland <J.F.Rowland_at_LBORO.AC.UK>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 00:29:30 +0100

Quoting Stevan Harnad <>:

> The partnership is a splendid idea, but please note that there is no
> logical or practical reason for University X to fill its Eprint Archives
> solely or even primarily with University X articles published in
> University X Press journals! The target content is of course University
> X articles in *all* journals.

I don't think there is any implication that that e-prints of work by Oxford
University authors published in other publishers' journals are unwelcome in
the OULS archive, it's just that OUP is a rather obvious publisher for
Oxford University to start with!

Fytton Rowland, Loughborough University.
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