Re: Oxford-University-Press/Oxford-University-Eprint-Archive Partnership

From: Bill Hubbard <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 13:55:07 +0100

Further to the announcement from OUP regarding the work it is doing with
SHERPA and in reply to Steve Hitchcock's questions in his email:

>This is an intriguing new development for open access institutional
>archiving among the spate of news about open access publishing. Maybe the
>project partners can clarify a few points.

>Is this arrangement for the duration of the Sherpa project or longer?

The arrangement is for the duration of the SHERPA project in the first
instance, but will be reviewed

>Will the full texts of the relevant papers be hosted on the SERS/OULS
>Eprints server?

For these papers, not in the first instance. Open access to the full text
will be on an OUP server. We are in discussion about a variety of
different models for access.

>Access will be provided to papers 'from 2002': does this mean to the
>present, or just 2002?

We are starting with papers from 2002 to put systems and processes in
place - obviously, we would like to expand this.

>Access will be provided to papers published in 'many' of the Oxford
>Journals. But not all?

No, not all. OUP publish a number of titles on behalf of other bodies
which have their own copyright and other arrangements. This work concerns
material where OUP are the copyright holders or where arrangements have
been made. Negotiations are proceeding.

>In other words, are we talking about a real service, or an experiment? If
>the latter, how will the results be measured?

Experimental, for now, as part of SHERPA in working with publishers. It is
very early days in the development of the work. We want to look at models
of access, the volumes of material which become available, rates of
accession of papers by researchers and models for use.

>Will other institutional archives be offered the same terms for their

This is part of SHERPA project work. It is intended to extend the model to
other SHERPA partners as things develop.



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