Re: Berlin Declaration on Open Access

From: Gerhard Beier <g.beier_at_ZIM.MPG.DE>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:08:29 -0400

Dear Tim,

just to explain why you might not see full-texts.
At first we have state that this project is in the early stages of
acceptance (which is growing week by week), but we hope that this Berlin
Declaration will encourage scientists in using this repository.
In general, some institutes have still not adopted the system as it is
intended in the form of an institutional repository, but rather as internal
bibliographic management system, which is also a purpose of eDoc.
We deliberately allowed this scenario in order to get people acquainted
with the system and to win them as users for the full potential of an
institutional repository.

In the case of institutes, which have not yet adopted the full concept of
the system you will not even see the collections they have created.
Nevertheless, I can point you to some institutes which already use the full
potential of the eDoc server and archive some of their papers without

MPI Kernphysik,
Fritz Haber-Institut
MPI für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
and some more.

Moreover, it depends completly on the individual scientist/institute what
access level they choose. They might give public access, MPG wide access
and internal access on file level (also depending on the copyright
agreements they signed with publishers).

We as the builders and promoters from eDoc strongly encourage the public
access to research material. With the Berlin Declaration also the Max
Planck Society as such will encourage their scientists to publish according
to open access principles.

Ulla, Gerhard
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