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From: Eberhard R. Hilf <hilf_at_PHYSNET.PHYSIK.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:58:42 +0200

Anpther system is
the European Nuclear Physics Research Facility GSI Darmstadt
is starting its Document Retrieval System DoRe as an open access
selfarchiving of their documents, see
and look at our dynamic graphics
for it which gives the actual number and type (with/without Metadata)
of documents.
Also, this system, is in the making.
Eberhard Hilf

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On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Stevan Harnad wrote:

> This is a report from Berlin 22 October. Today at 12:00 there will be a
> press release plus the text of the Berlin Declaration, a historically
> important step for the Open Access movements worldwide. In this
> Declaration, all of Germany's principal scientific and scholarly
> institutions, including the Max-Planck Society, as well as a growing
> number of their counterparts from other countries (such as France's CNRS)
> have signed their commitment to open access to scientific and scholarly
> research.
> The Berlin Declaration is just the beginning of a series of steps that
> the signatories will be taking to promote open access. Among these steps,
> the Max-Planck Society is Edoc, an open-access repository of all of the
> research output of the Max-Planck Institutes' many research
> laboratories. This is a truly remarkable concerted act of institutional
> self-archiving, and a superb example for the research world at large.
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