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From: Theresa Velden <velden_at_ZIM.MPG.DE>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:31:25 +0200

Tim Brody correctly observed that there are not
many (self-archived) papers to be found on eDoc,
the institutional server of the Max Planck Society,
which Stevan so enthusiastically pointed to in his
report from the Berlin Conference on Open Access
to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. To date
only a few hundred of 15 000 records contained in the
system have an archival, openly accessable copy of
the work attached.

This is because we are only at the very beginning of
a process. With the signing of the Berlin Declaration
today though we have made an important step forward, by
documenting the commitment of the president of our
organization as well as the heads of all major research
organizations in Germany and further
national and international organizations (e.g. CNRS
and INSERM) to move towards open access.

For the Max Planck Society the eDoc Server, which was
introduced to almost all 80 institutes of the Society
during this summer will play a central role in this
process. With the political backing and the educational
activities which will now be initiated to promote open
access among the research community of the Society we
expect the open access content offered there to
increase significantly within the next year.

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