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From: Alexei Koudinov <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 13:40:37 +0000

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    journals, but has nothing to do with open access. -- S.H.]

6 January 2004

Dear Emily Commander,

Thank you very much for your response and UK Parliament interest in my
communication. I will compile the documents to conform the written
evidence standard, although all my sources are open materials freely
available on the web.

As a follow up I would like to share with you my two latest posting at the
SPARC Open Access Forum.

Item 2

The second matter I urge you not to miss in your inquiry is a misleading
definition (including the definition by Open Access major proponents and
opponents) that "Open Access publishing model" equals "charging the author
or institution". I argue that "Open access" does not necessarily mean
"charging the author or institution" in my second series of recent posts,
including the one entitled " "Open access" is NOT "charging the author or
institution" "
(<>SPARC-OAForum Dec
26, 2003 Message 1) and "Open access development: alternatives for
"charging the author""
(<>SPARC-OAForum Dec
26, 2003 Message 2).


Alexei Koudinov, MD, PhD

Competing interest declaration by Alexei Koudinov: I do not have any
competing financial interest. I aim free information dissemination and an
unbiased development of Alzheimer's neuroscience. I observe the Society for
for Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication. I am a
founding, managing and publishing editor of the Neurobiology of Lipids, an
unpaid position. Neurobiology of Lipids (ISSN 1683-5506) has no affiliation
with any professional association, publisher, industry member, commercial
enterprise, public, educational or government organization. The viewpoint
presented herein and in the cited above and below letters is my personal
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