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From: David Goodman <dgoodman_at_PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:16:18 -0500

Everyone--please regard the expense and publication figures as
preliminary only. for one thing, the publication numbers include the
sciences only--but they include some non-University publications which
are hard to filter out--, and the journal expenses include all fields. It
is also very hard or impossible to separate out the journal costs from the
database costs.

So I suspect the savings may not be quite as great, but they will
certainly be very important.

If anyone would like to help with figures from their own university,
get in touch with me, OFFLINE.
If they are confidential, say so and I will avoid specifying the
university in anything said in public.

 On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Stevan Harnad wrote:

> Using the figures provided by David Goodman in this Forum recently:
> Here is what it would cost, and how much it would save, if universities
> paid only the annual peer-review costs for their own outgoing
> (self-archived) research, instead of the annual toll-access fees to buy
> in other universities outgoing research. (Figures from further
> universities are invited!)
> For 2001 (the latest year available):
> ---------- annual current annual $500 per article annual
> UNIVERSITY article incoming serials peer review percentage
> ---------- output toll-budget only savings
> Cornell 4848 $5.6 million $2.43 million 57%
> Dartmouth 1492 $3.2 million $0.75 million 77%
> Princeton 3132 $4.7 million $1.57 million 66%
> Yale 4463 $6.4 million $2.23 million 64%

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