Re: How to compare research impact of toll- vs. open-access research

From: Jim Till <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 00:21:09 +0100

On Fri Jan 09 2004, I posted a message about self-archiving
a postprint of mine in the CogPrints archive, see:

It's a postprint of an invited, peer-reviewed, edited
commentary, about cancer-related electronic support groups.
I've retained copyright.

On April 21 (2004), a version of the postprint became
openly-accessible in the CogPrints archive, via:

By April 24, it had already been harvested by Google. Today,
(April 25) when I did a Google search using the keywords
"Electronic support groups" (including the quotation marks),
I was surprised to find that the version in the CogPrints
archive was ranked within the top 10 (at #5) in the entire
ranked list of links that was obtained.

A link to an online abstract page of the published version
(in a subscription-based journal, Journal of Cancer
Integrative Medicine 2004; 2: 21-24) is at: (this link was ranked #40
in the list of links obtained via the same Google search).


Jim Till
University of Toronto
Received on Mon Apr 26 2004 - 00:21:09 BST

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