Re: Please Register All OA Institutional Archives

From: Mike Gardner <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 00:25:48 +0100

>Tim Brody has created a Registry of Institutional OA Archives that
>lists the known archives by Country, Type, and Software (Eprints,
>Dspace, or other), harvested from celestial.
>It also displays the all-important graph of the number of items in each
>archive, and tracks the growth of each archive across time.
>But there are more OA Archives out there!
>Please register yours, or any you know of at:

There appears to be a proliferation of lists of open archives which I
am encouraged to register my archive(s) with eg:

Wouldn't it be clever if some of these lists could be automatically
generated from one master list (eg the OAI one) ?

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