Re: Please Register All OA Institutional Archives

From: Timothy D Brody <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 09:36:31 +0100

Quoting Mike Gardner <>:

> There appears to be a proliferation of lists of open archives which I
> am encouraged to register my archive(s) with eg:
> Wouldn't it be clever if some of these lists could be automatically
> generated from one master list (eg the OAI one) ?

The OAI listing is simply sites that have passed the OAI protocol checks,
whereas we're more interested in the type of content.

By the way, the listing on GNU EPrints is taken from,
so by registering with archives.eprints and specifying the software as
GNU EPrints (1 or 2) and when the addition is passed it should appear
in both places.

(Thanks to all for registering repositories/sending me updates via email. I'm
currently away at a conference so it may take a few days for me to get back to

Tim Brody
Received on Mon Apr 26 2004 - 09:36:31 BST

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