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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 18:38:57 +0100

    AmSci Subject Thread: "The Special Case of Law Reviews" (Nov., 2003)

Forwarding from Dan Hunter of the Wharton School. If you remember back to
November 2003, Dan wrote an open letter to the California Law Review (CLR)
asking it to reconsider its OA archiving policy. The letter led CLR to
reconsider its policy and then, in late March, to change it. The open
letter is online here
<>. Thanks to Dan
for his good work and kudos to CLR for adopting this helpful policy.


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From: Jean Galbraith <jeang AT>
Date: March 31, 2004 5:04:34 PM EST
To: hunterd AT
Subject: CLR's electronic posting policy

Dear Professor Hunter,

I'm writing to follow up on our exchange last fall about the California Law
Review's SSRN posting policy. After soliciting substantial input from the
Boalt faculty and other parties, CLR's Board of Directors has decided to
implement a new, experimental policy for next year's volume. CLR's contract
will still require authors to remove working drafts from SSRN
Social Science Research Network ] upon publication
in the California Law Review. However, upon publication, CLR will also
provide authors with .pdfs of their articles in their final worded forms
and give authors the right to post these .pdfs on SSRN. The .pdfs may
remain up indefinitely, so long as they and SSRN's search engines remain
free and accessible to the general public.

This policy will preserve CLR's interest in ensuring that, after
publication, readers access CLR-edited versions rather than earlier
drafts, while enabling authors to maintain uninterrupted posting on SSRN.
This policy does involve financial risk -- and a corresponding risk to
CLR's historic independence -- and for now it is an experiment, one our
Board will monitor and modify, if necessary, for later volumes.

If you have more thoughts or questions, please let me know.

Jean Galbraith
California Law Review
jeang AT
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