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>This posting is re-directed from the thread:
> "Re: Open Access and ISI-indexed journals and articles"
>Pertinent Prior Amsci Topic Threads:
> "Evolving Publisher Copyright Policies On Self-Archiving" (2002)
> "Legal ways around copyright for one's own giveaway texts" (2000)
>On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Stevan Harnad wrote:
> > (4a) If the journal is gray (8%), self-archive preprint + corrigenda
> > and inform the journal.
> >
> > (4b) If the journal responds to (4a) with an objection, negotiate
> or remove.
> >
> > (Peter [Suber], if my memory does not fail me, you too have recommended
> > something along the lines of 4a/4b: Is there a URL?)
>Peter Suber has since replied that he recalls blogging something to that
>effect in Open Access News (but cannot retrieve the URL) and Alma Swan
>has written that she remembers a similar proposal in a Dutch institutional
>self-archiving initiative (but she likewise cannot retrieve the URL)

I've since found the blog posting that Stevan mentions. It's apparently
the same news that Alma Swan recalls. Here's the posting from Open Access
News, April 6, 2004.

>Tilburg University has added a very nice feature
><> to its institutional
>repository. When a journal does not permit postprint archiving, then the
>repository still includes a record containing a citation and a link to the
>publisher's priced or for-fee edition. The record also contains an
>explanation of the publisher's policy, quoting and dating the publisher's
>own words if possible. With one click, the author can generate a letter to
>the publisher asking permission to deposit the postprint in the
>repository. Backend software automatically addresses the letter to the
>right human contact at the publisher and provides a full citation to the
>article. The letter concludes, "If I do not hear from you within thirty
>days I will assume that you have no objections to the above-mentioned
>request and the electronic copy will then be included in the institutional
>repository of the University of Tilburg." See this example
>Leo Waaijers of Tilburg reminds us that the site is still under construction.


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