Re: Guide for the Perplexed: Re: UK Select Committee Inquiry

From: Jean-Yves Le Meur <jeanyves_at_MAIL.CERN.CH>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 15:35:44 +0100

> > V useful stuff! But here's a thought: OK, 92% of *Journals* have given
> > green light to self-archiving - but what about *conferences* and
> > *workshops*? Given the propensity of many in Computing to regard
> > refereed conferences as their main publication medium, it seems even
> > more important that conference papers should be covered by the
> > self-archiving policy.

The problem of open access to conference material is also critical in HEP
and HEP-related domains.

For papers that are not deposited in central or institutional OAI
repositories (most of them), CERN library actually spends a lot of time
"hunting" and harvesting the documents into CERN Document Server.

One of the solution we developped is to promote to CERN conference
organisers a software called InDiCo (Integrated Digital Conferencing) for
managing conferences. The package is OAI compliant and distributed via
GPL. It has been validated by the Computing in High Energy Physics (CHEP)
2004 conference. It allows our library to very easily get via OAI all the
contributions once the proceeding is released.

If you are interested in this solution, simply get in touch with

Best regards,
 JY Le Meur.
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