Re: Self-archiving vs. Self-Publishing

From: Marie Meyer <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:03:37 +0000

On 6/12/04 3:12 pm, "Stevan Harnad" <> wrote:

> The NIH self-archiving mandate has nothing to do with government
> domination of scientific communication, domination by a small number of
> large publishers, the diversity of publishing outlets or the existence
> of plenty of copies. NIH will merely require NIH-funded authors to
> supplement the fee-based version of all articles reportint NIH-funded
> research with a self-archived version ensuring full-text online access
> (OA) for all would-be users worldwide who (or whose institutions) cannot
> afford access to the fee-based version.
> *Where* NIH requires its fundees to self-archive these OA supplements --
> whether in a central OA archive or in their own institutional/departmental
> OA archives -- is immaterial in the OAI-compliant age, for the contents of
> all OAI-compliant archives are all interoperable and jointly harvestable
> and searchable exactly as if they were all in one place.

Thanks for the concise statement!

Lets say I've gone out and harvested 25 papers from various OAI-compliant
archives. I don't have time to them all, I want to read just the good ones.
In the reader-pays world, I'd discriminate amongst them on the basis of
which journal they appeared in. What do I do in the OA world?

Marie Meyer

    [MODERATOR'S NOTE: To save time and space I will reply pre-emptively
    here. In the OAI/OA world the reader discriminates *exactly* the same
    way the reader selects in the "reader-pays world": On the basis of
    the name of the journal in which the article appeared. Publication
    name is one of the OAI tags. (I suspect that the misunderstanding
    here was the usual one: thinking that it is not journal articles
    that are being made OA through self-archiving, but only their
    unrefereed preprints: This is incorrect. OA self-archiving is
    intended primarily for the refereed postprint, and only optionally,
    at the author's discretion, for the pre-refeeing versions too.
    OA self-archiving is a *supplement* to the reader-pays version,
    for those would-be users whose institutions can't afford to pay,
    not a *substitute* for it. Self-archiving is not self-publishing.)
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