Re: OAIster: A Harvester Across Multiple Institutional Eprint Archives

From: Helene Bosc <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:12:41 +0000

A 15:03 10/12/04 +0000, Marie Meyer a E9crit :

>Lets say I've gone out and harvested 25 papers from various OAI-compliant
>archives. I don't have time to them all, I want to read just the good ones.
>In the reader-pays world, I'd discriminate amongst them on the basis of
>which journal they appeared in. What do I do in the OA world?
> [MODERATOR'S NOTE: To save time and space I will reply pre-emptively
> here. In the OAI/OA world the reader discriminates *exactly* the same
> way the reader selects in the "reader-pays world": On the basis of
> the name of the journal in which the article appeared. Publication
> name is one of the OAI tags. (I suspect that the misunderstanding
> here was the usual one: thinking that it is not journal articles
> that are being made OA through self-archiving, but only their
> unrefereed preprints: This is incorrect. OA self-archiving is
> intended primarily for the refereed postprint, and only optionally,
> at the author's discretion, for the pre-refeeing versions too.
> OA self-archiving is a *supplement* to the reader-pays version,
> for those would-be users whose institutions can't afford to pay,
> not a *substitute* for it. Self-archiving is not self-publishing.)

In the Open Access world one can already find good articles published in
the "good journals". It would be interesting to try to understand what
Marie Meyer had in mind in asking: "What do I do in the OA world?"

Stevan Harnad ventured an answer, but I wonder whether Marie
Meyer's question may not have arisen from a simple problem of data
presentation in OAIster search (easy to correct, I should imagine).

I hope that Kat Hagedorn at OAISTER will read this message and reply.

When the results of an OAister search appear, authors, title and abstract
are listed, but instead of the title of the periodical, you only have the
tag "journal [paginated]".

I think it would be important to also display the title of the
periodical (where available). Then the user can, at a glance, select not
only which articles seem most interesting, but which ones appear in
sufficiently reputable journals to justify reading.

This feature would help make it clearer that Open Archives cover the
"good journals" too, not just preprints, and would help increase
author/user willingness to contribute more, by self-archiving .

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