Re: Open Access Data Archiving: A Complement to Article-Archiving

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 16:34:15 +0100

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    "Refereed Research Archiving and Data Archiving" (2001)

    "Open Access Data Archiving: A Complement to Article-Archiving" (2005)

    Distributed Interoperable Research Archives for Both Papers and Their Data:
    An electronic infrastructure for all users of scientific research

    From Peter Suber's "Open Access News"

    (1) Launch of the R4L repository

    This month marks the launch of R4L (Repository for the Laboratory), a JISC-funded, Eprints-based,
    open-access repository for data and documents from laboratory science
    in the UK. From the web site: 'This project will address the area
    of interactions between repositories of primary research data,
    the laboratory environment in which they operate and repositories
    of research publications into which they ultimately feed (through
    documented interpretation and analysis of the results and in
    explicit linking and citation of the data sets). It will develop
    prototype services and tools to address the issues of working with,
    disseminating and reporting on experimental data. In collaboration
    with scientific equipment manufacturers the project will develop
    methods to make raw experimental data available and richly annotated
    with metadata, as it is generated in the laboratory. The possibilities
    for aggregating heterogeneous raw experimental data from different
    sources and experiments, via effective management of the repository
    for the laboratory, will also be explored and prototype tools
    developed to enable, manipulate and derive reports for publication
    purposes. It will also engage in discussions with publishers and
    societies to determine anticipated requirements.'
    Posted by Peter Suber at 10:52 AM.

    (2) Presentations on institutional repositories

    The presentations from the CNI-JISC-SURF conference, Making the
    strategic case for institutional repositories (Amsterdam, May 10-11,
    2005), are now online.
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