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A preprint of the article "Open Access Webliography" by
Adrian K. Ho and Charles W. Bailey, Jr. is now available.
This annotated webliography presents a wide range of
electronic resources related to the open access movement
that were freely available on the Internet as of April 2005.

This article appears in the volume 33, no. 3 (2005) issue of
Reference Services Review, which is a special issue about
"the role of the reference librarian in the development,
management, dissemination, and sustainability
of institutional repositories."

A preprint of my "The Role of Reference Librarians in
Institutional Repositories" article in this issue is also

Both preprints are under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Below is a list of the topics covered in the webliography:

* Starting Points
* Bibliographies
* Debates
* Directories--E-Prints, Institutional Repositories, and
  Technical Reports
* Directories--Open Access and Free Journals
* Directories and Guides--Copyright and Licensing
* Directories and Guides--Open Access Publishing
* Directories and Guides--Software
* Disciplinary Archives
* E-Serials about Open Access
* Free E-Serials That Frequently Publish Open Access
* General Information
* Mailing Lists
* Organizations
* Projects
* Publishers and Distributors
* Search Engines
* Special Programs for Developing Countries
* Statements
* Weblogs

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