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From: Tim Brody <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 17:34:16 +0100

Dear all,

I've made a number of improvements to Citebase

In particular I'd like to hilite two (newish) features:

1/ Full-text access analyses* (this has been in Citebase for a while,
but users may not have seen it before), e.g.

(The IRS project aims to develop a standard
means for repositories to expose usage statistics, for which Citebase
will provide an implementation platform)

2/ Support for (contextual) reference linking in PDFs using annotations.

On the following page (requires cookies):

Type in the URL of your institution's OpenURL resolver (if you don't
have access to a resolver, CrossRef provide an experimental,
non-commercial resolver at and click 'Set'.

Then retrieve the linked PDF from:

You should see blue links superimposed on the reference list (scroll to
page 12). While most refs are linked to their eprint in Citebase, e.g.
ref 74 S. Dodelson (1994), references to articles not available from
Citebase, e.g. ref 78 G. Coughlan (1983), are linked using your OpenURL

* Web access logs are available for,, and for those accesses made to the UK arXiv
mirror ( We are in discussion with biomedcentral and for access statistics. Usage statistics for other
arXiv mirrors (for use in Citebase) has been refused by the arXiv

Citebase has limited coverage (reference parsing by its nature is
difficult to scale well) and lacks duplication detection. Otherwise, I'm
always open to comments/criticisms/suggestions.

Tim Brody <>
- Citebase Search,
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