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Interesting new indeed!  On the topic of copyright, from the Springer


Springer Open Choice & Copyright


In order to help ensure the integrity and archival nature of all
published articles, SpringerLink will be the sole authorized venue for
online distribution of Springer Open Choice articles. Springer Open
Choice does not supersede or invalidate any copyright protection, or
alter applicable law governing ownership and publication rights of


To protect the rights of authors and to guarantee a high standard of
quality, Springer will continue to require standard consent-to-publish
and transfer-of-copyright agreements. Copying, reproducing, distributing,
or posting of the publisher&#8217;s version of the article on a third
party server is not permitted. This enables Springer to provide the
benefit of free online access while preserving scientific integrity and
author attribution.,11855,5-40359-12-115393-0,00.




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Interesting news.  Could someone clarify what the copyright arrangements
are for Open Choice?  Does the author assign the copyright to Springer? 
If not, what are the terms of the publication agreement?





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Dear friends and colleagues,


You may already have seen the announcement below, but just in case  you

haven't, I thought you might find it interesting. Not so much  with

regard to what's happening to me, but with regard to the direction in

which the second largest science publisher is moving.


Best wishes,


Jan Velterop


Press Release


Springer strengthens its commitment to freely accessible research 



Jan Velterop to help expand Open Choice

London / New York / Berlin / Heidelberg, August 16, 2005


Springer has strengthened its commitment to innovation and customer

choice by appointing Jan Velterop to the newly created position of

Director of Open Access.


In July 2004 Springer launched "Springer Open Choice" a pioneering

project which provides an additional publication option to the

traditional subscription model.  Authors can choose to make their

articles freely available worldwide on the Internet, for a fee of  3,000

US dollars. Open Choice is a further development of the Open  Access

concept which is supported by a section of the scientific  community.


Velterop is one of the most prominent figures of the Open Access

movement. He will be joining the company from BioMedCentral, an

established Open Access biomedical research publisher, where he was

Publishing Director.


Derk Haank, Springer's CEO, comments: "Springer Open Choice has 

constant attention within the publishing world since its  launch.

Springer is the first major commercial publisher to provide  an Open

Access model, making it a pioneer in the industry.  We are  now taking

a further step forward.  The appointment of Jan Velterop  creates an

internal champion for this second component of our  publishing policy,

making sure Open Access gets the required  attention both internally

and externally".


"I am firmly convinced that Open Access publishing represents a  powerful

way to meet the needs of many authors and readers.  It  therefore fits

in ideally with Springer's growth strategy", adds Jan  Velterop.


"Open Choice" is an additional publication model which Springer  provides

for all its 1,250 journals. Consequently, authors can now  make their

articles available to readers free of charge on the  Internet, or publish

within the traditional subscription model, where  readers pay for the

information they use.  Open Choice articles are  freely accessible for no

charge to anyone, at any time, anywhere in  the world via SpringerLink,

the publisher's online service.  The 3000  US dollar fee covers the

costs of Springer's publishing service *  including a parallel printed

version of the article in an established  journal.


Open Choice articles are identical to those published in the  traditional

way.  They are subject to the same strict scientific peer  reviews

and also profit from the publisher's full service * from  professional

editing, production, and printing to distribution via  established global

sales channels.  Springer also links the articles  to all reference

systems generally used in international electronic  publishing, and

provides indexing and abstract services.  Both  printed and electronic

articles remain subject to full copyright  protection.


For enquiries, please contact:


Sabine Schaub, Springer Science+Business Media, tel: +49 (0)30 / 827 

87- 52 82,

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