Further precisions on the Finnish situation

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A wonderful reader ofthis list has been kind enough to retreve the
following precise informaiton for all of us. May he be warmly thanked

Here are the further details:

Hello again, I'll try to be more precise now.
> Total number of journals published by scientific societies in 2004: 112
> Of which:
> -- refereed journals: 72
> -- published in co-operation with other Nordic countries' societies: 4
> (all in English)
> -- popularized: 15
> -- professional: 10
> -- hobbyist (?): 5
> -- newsletter: 6
> Language distribution of the 72 refereed journals:
> Finnish or Swedish or mix of both: 52
> English: 19
> Other: 1
> Source (in Finnish): Eeva-Liisa Aalto, "Publishing Activities of the
> Scientific Societies", 17.9.2004:
> http://www.tsv.fi/vaihtok/ajank/vkseminaari/aalto.pdf
> Cheers,
> Kimmo Kuusela

Coupling this information with the earlier information we received from
the Academy, this means that all 112 journals are subsidized; that 72 of
them are peer reviewed and that, in Finland, 100% of Finnish scholarly
journals are subsidized. In fact, subsidies reach beyond peer reviewed
publications by scientific associations.

I have not commented yet on the Indian situation which seems to
demonstrate a very heavy proportion of subsidized publications as well.
I will when the image becomes clearer.

Meanwhile, we can see that for the moment, few countries can claim not
to subsidize any scholarly/scientific journals. Australia seems to stand
in that position. I am checking on this. The other big exception is the
United States where subsidized scholarly journals do not seem to be in
great numbers.

Mandating subsidized scholarly journals appears to touch an ever more
significant collection of publications.

If other readers have information from other national situations, even
in rough terms, this will be deeply appreciated.

Many thanks for the collaborative spirit that seems to be building up on
this issue. This is distributed intelligence at its best.

Jean-Claude Gu├ędon

Dr. Jean-Claude Gu├ędon
Dept. of Comparative Literature
University of Montreal
PO Box 6128, Downtown Branch
Montreal, QC H3C 3J7
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