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Thank you so very much, Kimmo.
Personally, I would be the last one to claim that the evidence I have
provided so far is water-tight and definitive; however, my intent has
been to illustrate trends with the hope, some day, of gathering better
data. The latter project, however, will require a major research effort,
well-financed, and preferably involving a strong team on an
international scale.

Meanwhile, my intent is to give enough illustrative examples to put some
grave questions over Stevan Harnad's rather gratuitous assertion that
subsidized journals are essentially irrelevant or marginal. Members of
this list may also remember that Harnad's evaluation was expressed in
response to my policy suggestion that peer-reviewed journals that
receive public subsidies ought to be mandated to go OA (with a suitable
business plan, of course).

If publicly-supported researchers can be mandated to deposit their
papers in an OA-repository (and, once again, I fully agree with this
policy recommendation), then publicly-supported peer-reviewed journal
may deserve a parallel recommendation, i.e. be mandated to do OA



Le mardi 04 octobre 2005 à 09:34 -0400, Kimmo Kuusela a écrit :
> Arthur Sale wrote:
> >I understood Kimmo Kuusela to say
> >that (a) the number of journals was not known,
> I said: "There are about 70 peer reviewed scientific/scholarly journals
> published in Finland. All of them are at least eligible for public funding."
> Later I also said that the number of refereed journals is 72. Someone else
> has said the number of journals is not known.
> >There did not appear to be a public funds subsidization evident, though his
> >may be evident in a socialist society.
> A socialist society? Finland?
> >My conclusion is that in Finland there may be no journals subsidized by
> >public funds,
> In 2004 the total amount of *direct* subsidies awarded by the Academy of
> Finland to refereed journals were approximately 618850 euros. For all of
> the scholarly publishing combined (refereed journals plus books), the
> *direct* subsidies were approx. 863070 euros. The number of refereed
> journals receiving *direct* public subsidy was approx. 61.
> The Academy of Finland is a state bureau. It is not a
> scientific/learned/professional society/association in any sense. Its sole
> purpose is to distribute public money to academic research, including
> *direct* subsidies to academic publishing.
> >This whole activity is so unproductive that I appeal to Jean-Claude to
> >abandon it. It is only resulting on highly shonky data, which I would not
> >rely on (and if I were ever asked to referee would immediately reject). It
> >wastes my time and that of others on this list.
> Are you referring to my data? (shonky : adjective, AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH
> INFORMAL, of low quality)
> Kimmo Kuusela
> Helsinki
Dr. Jean-Claude Guédon
Dept. of Comparative Literature
University of Montreal
PO Box 6128, Downtown Branch
Montreal, QC H3C 3J7
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