Re: What exactly is the digital preservation problem?

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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:49:40 -0400

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Le jeudi 13 octobre 2005 à 15:15 +0100, Stevan Harnad a écrit :

> The self-archived authors' final drafts that RCUK is mandating
> that its fundees self-archive are *supplements* to the official,
> published version of record (paper and online), which is, to repeat,
> the libraries'/publishers' version. The RCUK-mandated self-archived
> drafts are not *substitutes* for the publisher's official version of
> record. And the purpose of these self-archived supplements is to provide
> immediate and continuing access for those who cannot afford access to the
> publisher's official version of record -- not to serve as a preservation
> mechanism for the official version of record (although the day may --
> or may not -- one day come when they may be able to help with that too;
> for now, please let's stay focussed on their immediate access function).
> To support self-archiving, one must first understand what it's for.

The issue here is that some of us do not understand OA exactly as Stevan
Harnad understands it. And no one in the OA motley crew can claim to
incarnate OA. Actually, this diversity of viewpoints is quite healthy
and useful.

My own take: while OA does not aim at substituting for journal
publishing, nothing prevents OA from moving in directions that
duplicates what journals do. Especially when the job can be done better

Finally, access without preservation means access for a limited time.
So, while access and preservation are distinct issues, they also overlap
in some ways.

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