Re: What exactly is the digital preservation problem?

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Le jeudi 13 octobre 2005 à 15:15 +0100, Stevan Harnad a écrit :
> > One further important point to consider in this mandating would be the
> > following: if authors and institutions in charge of OA depositories
> > could come to an agreement that the copy kept in an OA archive can be
> > cited with as much legitimacy as the version kept by journals, this
> > would give authors even more incentives to depositing articles in the OA
> > archives.
> What is cited is the published article in the journal. That is:
> Authorname(s)
> Date (if/when available)
> Title
> Journalname
> Volume/Pages (if/when available).
> This is a matter of good scholarly practise and has nothing whatsoever
> to do with access (OA) matters.

This is exactly where I disagree. The good scholarly practise impinges
on OA matters. If the reference version is in the OA depository, this
depository becomes more important and more attractive to authors as

Jean-Claude Guédon

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