Donat Agosti on access to data on biodiversity

From: Jennifer Kate Bankier <bankier_at_DAL.CA>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:12:21 -0400

Steven Harnad said:

Dear Donat,

I'm not sure whether you meant to post this to Amsci? if so, the pdf
file is attached in a form that makes it unreadable...

Please advise,

Cheers, Stevan

After experimenting with this message I managed to extract
the pdf content using the following process (I'm a Mac
user ... the dynamics might be different for Windows

I downloaded the full text of the message, including
what I assume is binary. I tried it on my
MacLink Plus translator software which advised me
that it was a compressed Mime archive. I then used
MacLink to decompress the Mime archive into what
was labelled as a pdf file. However MacLink advised
me that the creator type did not matched the contents.
I used MacLink to make the recommended change
to creator type, and at this point Acrobat Reader
could see the file as a pdf file, and opened it.

I note that this message was very large and overloaded
my limited email storage which is why I had to take
immediate action to deal with it.

Usually this list is pretty good at avoiding large
attachments ... It would be helpful to me if it
could continue to do so (ditto for anyone else
with limited email storage). Instead of sending
attachments, might it be possible just to include
links to websites where large files could be downloaded
at convenient times by people who would find them
helpful, rather than sending them to everyone
as pdf files (in whatever format ... mime or

Jennifer Bankier
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