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From: Rachel Heery <r.heery_at_UKOLN.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:04:48 +0000

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, SUGITA Shigeki wrote:

> In Japan, almost twenty universities have their institutional
> repositories or plan to have them. Last Friday, some of the IR staffs
> had a meeting, which was titled "How to have relationship with the link
> resolvers" at Hokkaido University.
> Please let us know if anybody know any projects or references about the
> concepts like above. Also, if there are any ideas and advices, we would
> be greatly appreciated!

I think this is a very interesting approach.

There has been some background discussion within the JISC Repositories
Programme here in the UK about relationship with link resolvers. This has
two aspects I think

- the potential for using repository content in the way you indicate i.e.
as a search target for resolvers. Given the number of repositories in the
UK I believe this would mean aggregating metadata from the repositories
for the terget search. Discussion on this is very preliminary, at least I
have only talked about it over coffee! It seems to me a good way of
exploiting the content during the early build-up of repository content.
Its usefulness would depend on deployment of openURLs, which itself would
be encouraged by access to repository content.... This idea was mentioned
as an aside in the final report of the ePrints UK project see
I am intending to investigate this approach further, so your mail is very
timely. I would welcome any further input...

- providing OpenURLs for the citations within deposited eprints. This has
been demonstrated within the ePrints UK project using the Citation
Analysis Web service developed by Tim Brody at Southampton see and for technical report on eprints UK demo see


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