Re: Please Register All OA Institutional Archives

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:27:52 +0000

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, SUGITA Shigeki wrote:

> Stevan Harnad wrote in JISC-REPOSITORIES_at_JISCMAIL.AC.UK:
> > harvesters need the primary contents of the IRs, searchable by
> > content-type, etc., and that is what the OAI service-providers provide.
> In Japan, almost twenty universities have their institutional repositories
> or plan to have them. Last Friday, some of the IR staffs had a meeting
> at Hokkaido University, which was titled
> "How to have a relationship with link resolvers"
> Please let us know if anybody knows any projects or references about
> concepts like the above. Also, any ideas and advice would be greatly
> appreciated!

Others will now doubt send you information about OpenURL, cross-ref and
google scholar.

There are other places to register the 20 Japanese IRs, but please
do register them at ROAR and DOAR!

Two other important ones are:

And if your institution also has an OA self-archiving policy,
please register that at:

Stevan Harnad
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