Re: Use of Navigational Tools in a Repository

From: Norbert Lossau <>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 15:47:50 +0100

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine,
indexes OAI metadata and you can search OAI repositories from many
countries (check collections in "advanced search" and the list of content

 In the very recently published 3rd release, BASE also links directly from
single hit records to Google Scholar, in order to re-use the "article citation"
and "versions" functionalities.

Norbert Lossau

Am 9 Mar 2006 um 13:12 hat Stevan Harnad geschrieben:

> > From: Maryanne Kennan <>
> > Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 18:25:54 +1100
> >
> > Hi all, I am new to all this, so please excuse me if these are dumb
> > questions... Questions: don't the external search engines harvest
> > the metadata which may include entries from the taxonomies of the
> > repositories? So if a researcher is searching via say Google or
> > Google Scholar, they may be (knowingly or unknowingly) using words
> > from the subject index/taxonomy rather than words from the full
> > text...? So perhaps the work of the repository manager is used in
> > ways other than those initially imagined? cheers mary Anne
> >
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> > School of Information Systems, Technology and Management
> > Faculty of Commerce and Economics
> > The University of New South Wales
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> > Telephone: 61 2 9385 4472
> Good question. Someone more technical than me will have to reply whether
> google also indexes on the metadata and not just the full-text. But even
> if it does, it is almost certain that (1) the index terms are redundant
> with the full text and (2) cannot now be searched-on to the exclusion of
> the full text. So any subject terms therein are not being searched *as*
> subject terms, but just as a (tiny) subset of the full text.
> I am certain, though, that if and when the OAI-compliant OA corpus grows
> from its current sparse 15% to something closer to 100% of the target
> corpus (OA versions of the 2.5 million annual articles published in the
> 24,000 journals), then google and google scholar *will* use the OAI
> metadata for search, and not only the full-text. (And if they don't, the
> OAI search engines certainly will, and they will be the preferred search
> engines for searching and navigating the OA/OAI corpus.)
> On that happy day, there *will* be searchable subject taxonomies
> available too, but they will not have been hand-entered at deposit by the
> poor author (or the author's proxy assigns) into a vast prefabricated
> menu! They will be automatically generated centrally by AI processing
> of the full texts after the all-important fact (i.e., their local
> depositing itself)!
> Stevan Harnad
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