Re: Generic Rationale and Model for University Open Access Mandate

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:34:44 +0000

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Charles is well-conflating
letter and spirit here:

    Yes, the RAE officially countenances and counts unpublished papers

    No, they don't count for much -- and they don't count as
    "publications," for either the RAE or your own academic CV.

    The query was: Does RAE count self-archived, unpublished papers as
    published papers?

    The answer is: No it doesn't. But it does count unpublished papers,
    if submitted, whether self-archived or not.

    Letter: RAE "counts" unpublished papers, but they don't count
    (weigh in) as "publications."

    Spirit: Best not to submit unpublished papers to RAE

    Relevance to OA self-archiving, one way or the other: Zero

Might there be some unpublished jewels out there? Possibly. Is RAE likely
to read and recognise their true value? Very unlikely. Moral: submit
them to a reputable journal for peer review first; then the journal tag,
at least, can do its job for RAE. And self-archive them too, to maximise
their usage and impact.

Stevan Harnad

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, C.Oppenheim wrote:

> Sorry, Stevan, but the RAE official criteria states that "any form of
> publicly available assessable output....and confidential outputs that are
> not publicly available" are acceptable for submission to the RAE and will
> be considered. The RAE criteria are FAR broader than Stevan states, and
> include IR items. However, it would be unwise to submit something that was
> only available as an unrefereed item on an IR, as it would be (by
> implication) of low quality. So the rules don't stop you doing it, but an
> institution should think carefully before following such a course of action.
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> On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Wolfgang Greller wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me whether articles published in an institutional e-print
> > repository count as publication in UK RAE terms?
> Absolutely not! "Publication" in the UK RAE and in every other sensible
> venue, means (in the case of research articles) publication in a reputable
> peer-reviewed journal, not vanity self-publication.
> Nor is OA self-archiving self-publication. It is access-provision --
> providing supplementary access to an already-published article, in
> order to maximise its usage and impact, not in order to generate a
> spurious entry under "Publications" in one's CV. The place in one's
> CV for unpublished papers is, as always, "Unpublished Papers."
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