Re: Submitting unpublished web-posted papers to RAE

From: Andy Powell <andy.powell_at_EDUSERV.ORG.UK>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:31:27 -0000

> Last pass and then I withdraw from this much-repeating topic:
> Has any of you actually tried to submit an unrefereed,
> unpublished paper, posted on the web, for one (or more) of
> your four RAE submissions? How did your department and your
> university feel about it? And what RAE rank did they get?

Ouch... point taken :-)

For the record, I don't disagree with you at a pragmatic level w.r.t.
RAE submissions.

The real issue is with the meaning of the word 'published'. And the
reason that this is a 'much repeated' topic, I suspect, is because not
everyone agrees with your use of 'published' as short-hand for
'published and peer reviewed'.

If we mean 'published and peer reviewed' why don't we say so explicitly?
Using the word 'published' as short-hand is ultimately confusing for at
least part of the audience IMHO.

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