CERN repository statistics in 2006

From: Joanne Yeomans <Joanne.Yeomans_at_CERN.CH>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:02:19 +0200

Hi all,

I just published an article describing CERN's repository statistics for
2006 in Issue 12 of the HEP Libraries Webzine:
CERN's Open Access E-print Coverage in 2006 : Three Quarters Full and

There's also a summary by one of my colleagues of the work we've been
doing in the last year:
2005, the Year CERN Ran for Open Access

It's been an extremely busy time for the small CERN team and 2006 looks
like being just the same.

I know some people on these lists were interested in our news so
although you may have heard about the webzine issue from other lists
you're on, I thought it was worth sending a specific message about these
two articles in particular to you.

If anyone has any further questions I hope I can reply, but next week
we're due to be very busy again finalising the report of our OA task
force. If any of you are at Berlin 4 you'll have heard more about this
from one of our physicists this morning. Busy times!

Kind regards to all, Joanne

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