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From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 01:51:22 +0100

    Michael Carroll (2006) Copyright in "Pre-Prints" and "Post-Prints",

    "[A]n author cannot grant a Creative Commons license in a pre-print
    after having signed away all rights in the article in a publication

Simple solution: Don't bother to use a CC license for your preprints or
postprints! Post your preprint claiming copyright in your own name, and
then go ahead and sign a copyright transfer agreement for the published
postprint if you want to or must.

There is absolutely no need or reason to assign users any more "usage
rights" than what already comes with the territory, in making the full
text (of either preprint or postprint) freely accessible on the web
(by self-archiving it).

(Of the over 9000 journals indexed by
93% already endorse self-archiving: 69% for the postprint plus 24% for
the preprint.)

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    (Jun 2004)

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