Re: Canada's SSHRC lacks leader, hence leadership, on OA

From: (wrong string) Údon Jean-Claude <jean.claude.guedon_at_UMONTREAL.CA>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 15:14:42 -0400

That is all right, Arthur. Call a few things mandates that I will call
incentives. I don't realle care.

As for the author-support incentives, I disagree with the assessment. I
do not believe studies have been pushed far and wide enough to allow for
the kind of conclusion that you give below. But, again, so what. Let us
try what we can and believe in.

Finally, my points are elements of a roadmap, not pieces of an
analysis. They allow to design tangible strategies, try possibilities,
etc. This a lot better than endlessly reiterating that we need a
mandate. All the more so that no one that I know in the OA movement
seems to disagree with that.



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