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Dear Donat, potentially the costs for publishinhg are 0 - services like Arxiv, SSRN and RePEc are free to authors and readers:
Cyberscience and the Knowledge-based Economy, Open Access and Trade Publishing: From Contradiction to Compatibility with Nonexclusive Copyright Licensing
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Subject: costs of publishing
Are there any figures out, how much publishing costs respective the entire
costs of research?

Specifically, I would like to know:
1. From a research grant, what is an average (probably by research area
varying) number of publications produced? Or how many publications are
produced in a year by NSF, NIH, Wellcome Trust at what total funding budget?
2. How does the number of publications correlate with the size of a grant?
3. What are the approximate cost of the production, including dissemination
of the final product, ie publication, both printed and electronically?
4. Thus it might be possible to come up with a relative figure how much is
needed to produce the content of a publication?
5. Are there figure on the revenues generated by a publication?

With best thanks for some insights


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