Re: When is a Journal Open Access?

From: Scott Kiel-Chisholm <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:45:41 +1000

Dear Matthew,


It was with great interest that we read your email addressing the
question, When is a Journal Open Access?


The Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project here at the Queensland
University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is seeking to
promote open access in the academic and research sector. Professor Brian
Fitzgerald is the Project Leader. In harmony with the realisation that
seamless access to knowledge is a key driver of social, cultural and
economic development, the OAK Law Project is working to facilitate
optimal access to knowledge.


If future development depends on seamless access to knowledge, we must
understand how to ensure such access is achieved effectively, efficiently
and legally. With the rise of networked digital technologies our
knowledge landscape and innovation system is increasingly reliant on best
practice copyright management strategies.

The OAK Law Project will provide guidance to promote the adoption of
effective and cutting-edge copyright management frameworks.


We recently provided a report to the Department of Education Science and
Training (DEST) who funds our project. The report is titled Open Access
to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project Report No. 1:  Creating a legal framework
for copyright management of open access within the Australian academic
and research sector.


The OAK Law Report, released on 28 September 2006, investigates a legal
framework that supports open access to Australian academic and research
outputs such as articles and electronic theses and dissertations and is
available online at We hope you will find it of


We would like to send you a printed copy of our report which was released
on 29 and 30 November 2006.  Please forward me your postal address and I
will arrange for a copy to be sent.


Best regards,





Scott Kiel-Chisholm

Project Manager

The OAK Law Project

Queensland University of Technology

2 George Street

Brisbane  Qld  4001


+61 7 3138 1634


CIRCOS NO.: 00213J


DEST funded Open Access to Knowledge Law Project (OAK) Law Project


A Systemic Infrastructure Initiative (SII) funded project and part of the
Commonwealth Government&#8217;s Backing Australia&#8217;s Ability &#8211;

An Innovation Action Plan for the Future


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