Re: When is a Journal Open Access?

From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:40:25 +0000

On 4 Dec 2006, at 06:45, Scott Kiel-Chisholm wrote:

      If future development depends on seamless access to
      knowledge, we must understand how to ensure such access is
      achieved effectively, efficiently and legally. With the rise
      of networked digital technologies our knowledge landscape and
      innovation system is increasingly reliant on best practice
      copyright management strategies.

Can we take a rain check here? This is how the scholarly and scientific
publishing landscape looks to me 

(a) The Web, Repositories, Open Access Journals and Google together
provide access to much open access research material in my field
(Computer Science).
(b) Publisher and aggregator web sites and digital libraries provide me
with access to subscription materials, mediated through my own library

The access to knowledge is not quite seamless, but it is pretty much so.
And it all seems to happen without any "increasing reliance on best
practice copyright management strategies".

I am not so naive as to imagine that my experience of research is the
same as everyone else's, and certainly not in Law, where the proportion
of open access information must be very different to Computer Science or
Physics. So please could you explain where you see the need for
sophisticated copyright management practices? Could you provide a web
copy of your report so that I can understand your perspective?
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