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From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 15:04:55 +0100


I just chanced upon this message as I was searching older mail.

Apologies if my topic has already been addressed, I cannot follow all
discussions regularly.

Regarding the French situation, another aspect has to be taken into
account. The recently voted DADVSI law (on Copyright and Neighbouring
Rights in the Information Society, voted last summer) has a section on
copyright assignment for people working in administration, whict
includes most universities and large research labs. Basically,
anything that can be subjected to hierarchical approval belongs the
the state. It is not clear to me whether that includes scientific
publications (I recall that such approval was required in my institute
30 years ago ... though things are now more flexible).

I am not sure how this text will apply to scientific publications
... but it certainly increases the influence of institutional
policies, and in that respect, the cooperations of large institution
for open access is all the more important.

Bernard Lang

* Thierry CHANIER <>, le 27-06-06, a écrit:
> Dear all,
> Thank you for this translation about the recent OA event in France.
> I would like to react upon a very important point in this text which is
> not true as far as I know.
> You already know that a very important way of pushing researchers to
> deposit is to include a requirement statement (un ordre et non une
> demande) in the research contract they sign when responding to national
> funding agency (NFA). It is or will be included in many such contacts in
> US and RCUK.
> Let me now reproduce the extract of the article about what is hapenning in
> France. It says :
> > According to some of the participants at the
> > Nancy conference, France's new National Agency of Research (ANR)
> > refers
> > in its contracts to requirement (or is it a request') linking its
> > research funding to the provision of 'Open Access' to the results.
> >
> I have been responding on April 2006 to such ANR program. I have had to
> sign (the signature is important, I will come to it again) with the head
> of my lab the form / contract for my application. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY LINE
> NOR ANY WORD about any obligation of deposit of the research work during
> or after the completion of the research project funded by the ANR.
> Let me precise that I was applying for and I have not yet received the
> answer of the ANR. Consequently I do not know whether there is another
> contract to sign after you are accepted. But I consider it important to
> phrase it in the initial application.
> This issue may be one of the most important. The current French policy
> (head of CNRS, Inria, etc.) is : the editor's contract comes first, so
> dear researcher look at your copyright assignment before doing anything
> and deposit only if the editor is willing to.
> On the contrary there is a large international discussion in order to have
> NFA put in their contract something like : the first contract the
> researcher has to take into account is not the editor's one but the one
> coming from the NFA.
> Hence as a researche we do sign a contract which is a very srtong
> committment on the way we use the money of the NFA if we get it. Phrasing
> the obligation of OA deposit in this contract will raise the question of
> which contract comes first : the editor's one or the NFA's. May be some
> people in France are willing to avoid such discussion and choice being
> opened ?
> What do you think of it (not the last sentence but the whole of it) ?
> Thierry Chanier
> ********************************************************
> > ** Apologies for Cross-Posting **
> >
> > Below is a synoptic translation of an important French Press release
> > about forthcoming OA developments in France. I would add only that CNRS is
> > mistaken in its worry that CNRS researchers would resist a self-archiving
> > mandate: Multiple author surveys -- international and multisciplinary
> > -- as well as repeated experience with actual mandates have shown that
> > there will be very high rates of compliance.
> >
> ...

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