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From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 08:58:11 +1100

The Australian RQF panels for 2008 will
(a) use journal importance (probably JIF),
(b) use citation metrics, generated centrally, and
(b) each of the 13 panels will come to an independent decision during the
first part of 2007 as to how to weight/use those metrics. One panel deals
with Mathematics and Information Technology.

Arthur Sale

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> > The UK RAE sub-panel for computing know all this and, in 2008 ,as
> > previously, are agreed in treating all good forms of publication
> > equally. I am on that subpanel and hoping they will lobby in the same
> > way for what comes later.
> I urge you to encourage the RAE panels (not just in CS but all
> disciplines) to start testing and validating metrics as of now, in
> advance of RAE 2008; the parallel panel/metric data in 2008 can then be
> used to calibrate and customise the beta weights in the metric regression
> equation discipline by discipline).
> Stevan Harnad
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