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From: Andrew McCallum <mccallum_at_CS.UMASS.EDU>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 08:42:28 -0500

On Dec 11, 2006, at 12:16 AM, Subbiah Arunachalam wrote:
> Dear Professor McCallum:
> I want to know more about Rexa and visit the site.
> Please give me the url. Can we replicate Rexa for
> other areas, especially chemistry, where leading
> journal publishers are unwilling to allow Open Access?

If you could point me at Chemistry publications sites that allow
spidering, I'd be happy to add them to our list.

> What percentage of the over seven million papers in
> Rexa are full text, are from Indian institutions?

Only about 300k are full text now. Getting more in there is simple
matter of spidering and pushing the PDFs through our pipeline. We
have all the infrastructure in place to do this now, and will begin a
major run in the coming month.

Best wishes,

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